MaxProfit Consulting Ltd. is focused on enabling clients to increase their profitability, the basis for our company's name. We can quickly guide companies interested in optimizing, expanding, or establishing their Asia Pacific and U.S. operations.

The company's primary expertise is in high technology products, but our thorough understanding of the unique characteristics of doing business in the Asia Pacific countries can bring significant value to companies in many industries.

Our CEO and President has experience working with almost 100 companies worldwide in more than 20 countries, and has resided in Asia for over fifteen years with almost all in Greater China.

He has the proven capability to successfully enable a company to move product development or manufacturing to Asia, and to enable Asia Pacific countries to enter or expand their U.S. market presence. His vast network of contacts in Asia Pacific and the U.S. has facilitated our company`s ability to forge numerous new trans-Pacific partnerships for our clients.
"The capabilities of MaxProfit Consulting are outstanding! G.M.I. partnered with MaxProfit to help develop one of our struggling businesses, and in one quarter they increased shipments 108% and developed it into one of our core businesses and growth engines. We extended our partnership to utilize their expertise in defining a new strategy for our company including a major restructuing.They also assisted us in implementing employee and executive bonus and retention programs, and in improving our stock share price and liquidity via effective media and investor relations."

- President, G.M.I. Technology, Inc.

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Peter Andreyev -
CEO & President