MaxProfit Consulting Ltd. is focused on enabling clients to increase their profitability. Our expertise is in North America and the the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Greater China. The company specializes in providing the following services to assist our valued partners in achieving their business objectives:


  • Assisting Asia Pacific companies to expand their sales to North America
  • Enabling companies to bring foreign developed products to China for manufacturing and/or sales expansion
  • Optimizing efficiency in sales, manufacturing operations, new product development
  • Creating trans-Pacific synergies between clients` North America and Asia Pacific operations
  • Aligning clients with new partners for manufacturing, product development, sales channels and customer support
  • Assisting in mergers and acquisitions
  • Recruitment of key talent
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Regarding fees, MaxProfit Consulting Ltd. works with our valued partners under a range of financial terms. We can work on a project or per hour basis, but we are also confident enough in our success rate in improving client's profits that we can align our fees with our partners` results. MaxProfit Consulting Ltd. prefers to work under long term arrangements since that enables our clients to achieve maximum business results.